Advance Computer Graphics (CG-462)

This course builds on top of CG-461 to cover more advance topics like Modern OpenGL v 4.4 and programmable graphics pipeline with different shaders. Special effects like particles, occlusion culling, parallax mapping, normal mapping, bump mapping, advance lighting and materials will be covered. By the end of this course, the student should be able to add advance features to their OpenGL based rendering engine.

Tentative Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Modern OpenGL
  • Introduction to Modern Programmable Graphics Pipeline
  • Introduction to Shaders
  • Introduction of Vertex, Tessellation, Geometry, Fragment shader
  • Introduction to Buffer Objects and Data Access
  • Introduction to Transform Feedback
  • Vector and Matrix usage using glm library
  • Non-affine Transformations: Non-uniform Scaling, Projection
  • Types of Projections
  • Viewing using Pinhole Camera Model
  • Target and Free Camera Model
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Advanced Shadows
  • Introduction to SSAO and SSDO
  • Deferred Shading and Lighting
  • HDR and Bloom Shaders
  • Evironment Mapping and Dynamic Cubemapping
  • Bump/Normal/Parallax Mapping, Occlusion Culling
  • Particle system using Transform Feedback
  • Cloth simulation using Transform Feedback
  • Recent advances
  • Conclusion
Total Lectures: 40
Total Assignments: 5-7
Total Quizzes: 5-7
Reference Books:
Projects List (including but not limited to):
  1. GPU based particle system
  2. FPS style architectural walkthrough
  3. Cloth manipulation system
  4. Interactive physics world